I didn’t sleep last night and I might be losing my mind. Wait, there’s something on the wing…yup. I’ve done lost my mind

I’m taking Statistical Methods of Psychology and holy hell it is the hardest class I’ve ever taken. Everybody around me seems to get this class like it’s no big deal. Like it just makes sense and I’m just sitting there staring blankly at the computer screen next to all of them in the computer lap feeling like a dummy. Maybe the years of drinking and drugging have caught up with me. I think I’ve killed so many brain cells that I went from sup-genius to sub-ape. I didn’t sleep at all last night trying to figure out these equations, stressing out, and also working on another classes homework. By the time I finished it was about 3 am and having to be up at about 5 am I just didn’t see the point. So, here I am, sort of just wandering around the campus like some sort of zombie. My lab is at 8:30 and ends at about 9:15 and then I have nothing until 3:00-4:20. So, there’s a lot of down time to do nothing.

I try to be social, talk to people and all that jazz. Today, not so much. I’m afraid I might come off as the character Lurch from the Adam’s Family. Slow, dim-witted and what was I saying? Ugh. I need this day to be over. So, f’in bad. There’s a really cute girl sitting next to me in the Psych building but she’s way into whatever homework she’s doing. I tried to strike up a conversation since she’s got Disney stuff all over her backpack and I’m a Dis-nerd but it was a one sentence conversation. I can’t blame her, she’s obviously getting some work done. Can’t blame a guy for trying right? Especially under the circumstances. Plus, I probably look like Charlie Sheen when he was in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


But probably not as bad ass. Today I’m wearing semi-casual dress pants, Vans and a polo…..erm…and a Star Trek hat…so…there’s that…

Anyways, I’ve got about an hour to kill before class and I’ve got nothing else to do but write this pointless blog. At least it gives the illusion that I am important or busy or something. Better than nodding off or just staring into space. My brothers father-in-law is a published author. I had no idea until yesterday. Mostly Christian literature and yeah, if you’ve read some of my blogs you’re aware that’s not really my thing but I’m not completely against the idea of it. Or at least keeping an open mind. The guy is published and he is family.

Anyways, 54 minutes. I’m not in the mood to study because it’ll be useless, in one ear, eye, brain cell, synapse and right out the other. My mental state is not in a condition to retain any short term memories and retain them or turn them into long term memories so with that I wish you all a good day.

Ya’ll are never alone, including me.

C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “I didn’t sleep last night and I might be losing my mind. Wait, there’s something on the wing…yup. I’ve done lost my mind

  1. Alicia

    Aw man, sounds like a rough situation. Stats classes are so damn confusing! It’s not your lack of smarts, it’s that numbers are just messy. I think in your place, I’d be drinking a crap-ton of coffee, but I know that doesn’t work for everyoen, nor should everyone have that much caffeine. And hey, fellow Star Trek nerd! Woohoo! BTW, your blog is not pointless. I for one am glad you told me about it, and I enjoy reading.


  2. I’m slowly starting to get it…thankfully…lol It just takes time and I found some really great youtube videos that sort of explained things much better than what I was getting in the class.


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