Dear Diary: I Met A Girl *tee*hee*

It was like magic, she flirted, I flirted, I asked her out, we met up after class, talked for hours about psychology, philosophy, life in general. I told her things that I hadn’t told even some of my closest of friends, or even you my dear readers. Oh it was amazing. We had so much in common! And then, I disproved my theory that as you get older, women look younger. I was really thinking she was at least 26… minimum. Not sure if that’s an insult or a compliment? Eesh, maybe I shouldn’t have told her about my blog….She was 20…, I’m 32, aaaand I have a pretty strong suspicion she’s still got feelings for her old flame. You know how those things can be. Crap, prolly shouldn’t have said that either. What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t tell women you’re trying to date about it?

I suppose I could make up stories about dates that I go on for entertainment purposes but then it wouldn’t be real or genuine.

Or, I could just keep the fact that I blog to myself but honestly that’s like, literally one of maybe four things I’ve got going for me that’s worth bringing up in conversation.

Sigh…several possible outcomes – maybe she’ll read this, get super pissed off and then on my next date in a year or two, I can talk about how I wrote a blog about a girl I went on a date with and how she got super pissed off about it and it’ll be worth a good laugh. If she asks what the name of my blog is I’ll just sort of laugh it off and change the topic or say something witty like “Oh, I won’t make that mistake again! Har Har Har!”

Or, she’ll be super impressed that I blogged about her, find it hilarious, fall madly in love with me, we’ll buy a yacht with her trust fund that she didn’t tell me about because she wanted me to like her for who she was and not her money and we’ll sail off into the sunset together, travel the world and when we get old, open an antique store in Venice and pretend we don’t know how to speak English when the tourists try to negotiate prices.

And then, the best part of the night, I found 20 bucks. What. A. Night.

Parts of this are true. Parts of this aren’t. The future is unknown. I wouldn’t really disclose THAT much information about somebody I just went out with, date or not….

And don’t forget to laugh now and then. Life is way too short to be taken so seriously. Things happen when they happen. What’s happening right now is I’m gonna get some damn sleep. I’m exhausted.

Remember, you are never alone. Nor am I.

C. Brooks

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