I Hate Football – PSY3204C-17Fall 0M01

If you’re not in my Stats class, you can just move along. Nothing to see here. Literally. Ok, fine – My college is closing up shop after 1:00 on Thursday (tomorrow the 31st) because of a football game which means my stats class is getting cancelled. So, being the big ol’ nerd that I am, I’m inviting other nerds to comment here if they’d like to meet up and create a study group since doing it on the school website isn’t really, why am I explaining this? lol Read my other blogs! If you’re in PSY3204C-17FALL 0M01 and want to figure out how/where to meet up and create a study group, comment. I have to approve comments so if you don’t see any, don’t worry, comment anyways I might be busy studying for this class. Probably. Maybe. Also, I’m re-routing them elsewhere so they don’t have to show up here for student confidentiality.

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