I Just Failed So Hard I Could Buy Out FailBlog

As most of my 10-20 readers know…thank you my loyal audience…I’m taking Statistical Methods of Psychology. AKA the class of death and I just took my first quiz. The results came back today and I got a 30. A 30 out of 100. That’s 30%. If I were to create a histogram of all of the grades in the class and the average was a 50% it would fall within oh fuck if I know how many standard deviations from the mean it is I just failed the mother fucking quiz on standard deviations and variances. I have never failed a quiz/test/exam/assignment this bad in my entire life. Actually – true story – one semester I dropped out and went to rehab. Just up and left like a fart in the wind. I was taking two classes and I think there was like maybe a month and a half left in each class. I didn’t take the final exams in either, I missed two tests in each and two homework assignments and in one class I got a C and the other class I got a B. Any normal person would’ve just been like well alrighty then. That’s that. Works for me! Nope. Not me, I did the whole “medical withdrawal,” thing and got it wiped from my record so now I have to take the classes again which is probably fine, maybe I’ll get A’s and get my GPA higher. All good seeing as how I just got a 30 fucking percent on my first quiz in psych stats. FML.


How can you possibly do better in classes that you were stoned and hungover in the whole time and then didn’t go to for a month and a half vs a class that you studied your ass off for for two weeks?

Well, no more playing with balls and juggling. More time writing out equations and working with SPSS and god only knows what else this hellish nightmare of a class has in store for me.

I was supposed to go to the nude beach again tomorrow (surprisingly, I didn’t see that one coming) I cancelled. I need to get this square rooted away.

C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “I Just Failed So Hard I Could Buy Out FailBlog

  1. Alicia

    I know why you’re pissed at yourself, but try to cut yourself some slack here. You’re dealing with more stress than most experience. You know, that thing in your blog title that says “cancer caregiver.” Most don’t know what that’s like. I do. I don’t even want to know what my grades would look like if I tried to go back to school right now…any grade, not just a stats class…which would kick my ass too. BTW, are you in danger from Irma? Thought of you as I’ve been watching the forecast. You going to be ok?

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