I’m writing a book

That is all. I’m writing a book. I’m hoping to self-publish and not charge for it. I just need to figure out how that works on Amazon or iBooks or whatever. I’ll figure it out. It’s gonna be pretty nifty. And even if it’s not, it’s free. So, how bad can free be? I’ll announce when it’s going to be available. It’s sort of an autobiography, biography. Yeah, it’s weird but cool. Well, at least I think it’s cool. It’ll probably be published under a pen name as well since there are a lot of people in my life in the book that would disown me if their information was included. I will change the names for privacy purposes but it would still be quite obvious. So, yeah. I’m writing a book. It’s about a quarter of the way done, I’ll need an editor to go over it when I’m done and then I’ll self-publish. Wooohooo!!

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