Caught Off Guard – 1776

Oh boy it’s been an interesting few days. I don’t really remember the last time I posted a blog. Lemme look back real quick. Ooooh that’s right. The stinky tuna fish guy. I’m not sure that really counts though. The one before that was about my Psych Stats Class freak out. Well, I can assure you that I am no better now than I was then lol. I’m not sure what my problem is really. I had a homework assignment due the other day and I was sure I failed it, I got a B. I have a quiz tomorrow morning and I should be studying but here I am, blogging. Before this I did study…a little bit…in between arguing with people on FB about stupid things like NFL players taking a knee or not. I suppose it’s not stupid though, it’s an important thing going on in our country. I saw a friend of mine post something one of her friends posted that was, well…let’s just call it inflammatory. I can understand where he was coming from but being a white, 32 year old male, I also found it incredibly insulting. To be more specific, beyond insulting.

Sadly, that’s where we are though aren’t we? Socratic dialogue is dead. I think and I often wonder what it would’ve been like in Rome when the great minds of the time got together and Socrates would promote Socratic dialogue. Open discussion without insulting another person. I mean, hell, I’m sure it happened, we’re just as much human now as we were then. They had coliseums, we have football stadiums. There may not be as much blood but you get the picture and as of right now I’m pretty sure some people would like to see the same amount of blood in our football stadiums. And therein lies what I feel is our biggest problem we face today.

Nobody really wants peace or prosperity. Nobody really cares about getting along and equality. I don’t really think anybody even cares about equal rights and police brutality. I think people just want to be right. I think people will (typically online) fight to the death to be RIGHT more than they will fight for their cause. And those that do fight for their cause physically fight. Just not how things work… maybe back in the day, maybe back when things were a little less technological but now it’s just not applicable. Violence is outdated when it comes to social change. How many times have you seen people interviewed at demonstrations, political rallies or sit ins and have blank expressions and more commonly expressions of embarrassment on their faces when they realize they have no idea what they’re even doing there? I like to think at my age, being younger instead of older, I might have the answer or at least some insight to what’s going on here.

See, I HATE being called a millennial even though technically, ugh, yes by definition I am as I was born in ’84. My generation was taught that we were all unique, special individuals by design with a purpose and a voice. Well isn’t that special? No. No it’s not. It was a massive fluck up to be honest with you. My entire generation grew up constantly being told this and believing it to be true and we were then given this wonderful, amazing technology that only solidified it even more. The internet.

Instant gratification…well, after we got rid of that shiffy dial up crap. We had the ability to share our specialness with everybody and anybody whenever we wanted without consequence. There are no consequences when it’s on the internet. There are no online police…unless you’re a pedophile, then maaaybe Chris Hansen might show up at your place with some wine coolers or something but for the most part, the internet is your very own, real life, safe space. So what happens when that generation sees something they disagree with in our society and realizes that their very special voices are no longer being heard because the internet, well, doesn’t talk? It doesn’t stand up at a podium or shake hands?

They force people to listen to them. The worst part, they aren’t used to opposition. They’re used to getting their way – maybe not from mommy or daddy although some do; not my point. My point is that if you want to watch porn, boom, you click on your favorites and there it is. If you want to re-order your favorite nail polish, three clicks, boom it’s in the mail. The list goes on and on. But what do you do when you want something that’s not tangible? What happens when you want somebody to be president of your country and it doesn’t happen? Where do you click then? Well you can’t. Nor have you been taught how to behave properly in a society where people….well…you know…actually talk to each other. Shake hands, exchange germs, all that kind of fun stuff.

So we have these millennial “combatants,” with sharp words and memes but accomplish nothing. They might back up or support groups like BLM but for the most part they’re only annoying online.

On the other hand, you have the much more experienced, much more powerful and I want to say conservative but that wouldn’t be accurate really since there are plenty of liberal – “older,” or baby boomer generational folks. They know how to get things done in the real world. They know what to do if their cell phone batteries die or they just don’t care. They show force in numbers…and finances… and unlike the antifa their battle cry makes sense. Erm, their battle cry makes sense – as long as they’re not some neo-nazi, fascist, assholes that is. There’s a big difference between being a conservative and being one of “those,” many people understand that but the poor millennials and many folks on “the other side,” from my perspective don’t seem to be able to see the difference and you can blame that squarely on the mass media.

Our society today is full of fallacies – Example – If you support Donald Trump you are a Nazi. Woah, that escalated quickly! Well let’s break it down. The mass media covers all those rallies and then slowly conditions Americans over and over again in their minds that Nazi’s and Trump are one in the same. So, anybody who supports trump, is therefore a Nazi.

The same goes on the other side too unfortunately. If you’re black, you MUST be some liberal, looking for a hand-out, BLM cop hater. These things just aren’t true. What we see on the news and what we see clips of online are a microcosm, a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what really goes on in our country but we take it as if it is fact. One college has a riot, yes it was terrible but it wasn’t the whole country. It wasn’t a civil war. It was a terrible incident. Nothing more, nothing less. The media however, to them it was the best thing since sliced bread. Ratings on ratings on ratings. But, now I’m starting to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Sadly, because nobody seems willing enough to get together and talk about how to FIX these fallacies and work together to create a better more unified country, we can’t seem to make any progress. In my own humble, – no wait, I’m not humble, I’m flucking special remember? Screw you and your ideas, mine are the best, my teachers and my mommy told me so! Anyways, where are the leaders? Where are the ones who are willing to lay down their swords, stop using swords that are sharper than the swords they laid down and begin to think critically and talk openly about how we got here and how to get the hell out of here?

I said on my friends post that I wish I was able to comment on her friends post but I was unable to since he had pretty specific privacy settings. Her and I had a good back and forth and by that I mean it didn’t go well for me and then he shows up and wants to have it out. I honestly just wasn’t in the mood. He baited me a bit, still not in the mood. I should be studying. He baited me a little more. I wanted to ask him – “Do you just want to be right? Do you just want to prove to people that you’re valid, that your point of view is valid? Or do you want real change? What are you doing to promote that? All I see you doing is pissing people off on Facebook and really, that’s not gaining  you any followers or popularity.” Now that’s the real problem isn’t it? Again, I probably would’ve been met with the same rhetoric that I had been met with before. Once again, yup I am literally the stereotypical, polo shirt wearing, short haircut having, college um…being educated, not rich but not poor, white dude, it gets old. Yes, I’m a terrible, bigot who supports Donald Trump and I’m a neo-nazi. You nailed it.

If only people really knew who I was.

If only they knew who you really were.

Deep down inside I think there is a lot of people with a lot of hurt and they don’t know where to place it. Throw it at a president? Why not? It’s only on FB or when you’re with friends and family. He won’t even know you exist. Hate on some football players? Why not? They’re super entitled anyways, they make millions of dollars, they probably don’t even know what it’s like to be a “real black person.” Not my words by the way. So much hate.

I’ve said it plenty of times in my blogs that I don’t believe in anger. Hate is a very passionate version of anger but anger doesn’t exist. Anger is a manifestation of fear. So if you’re angry, think about why you’re angry and then think about the things you’re really afraid of.

If you find a common denominator, you might just be onto something.

Anybody has the capacity to change. No matter what your views are, you’re certainly entitled to them. However, hate is not a point of view.

Hate has no place in my country, my state, my county or my little island.

Not now and not ever. Congratulations if you’ve read this far! I tend to ramble but ironically my word count just hit 1776 right NOW.

2 thoughts on “Caught Off Guard – 1776

  1. Alicia

    Keep rambling. at least yours is intelligent and fair, which is more than I can say for most of the Internet. It’s nice to have some real mind fodder, not just inflamatory BS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Alicia. I try my best I guess. I learn something new everyday. My feelings about something today might change tomorrow. I think plasticity is important in our society more now than ever. Now is not the time to be rigid in our thinking. Stick to the constitution, stick to free speech and maintain law and order. None of those things seem to be important at the moment so it’s even more important to use them.


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