A Call To Arms, A Call To Arms!

In all of human history for as far back as it can be dated, the only victor that has ever been has been the one who erred on the side of peace. One can argue for religion, ideology, social injustice, logic, or for the illogical but in the end the only way the situation has been resolved has been if the outcome has been if all parties involved elected for that of peace. There can be no winners or losers, no one above one, no one below, no prejudice or discrimination or arguments that it exists, just the existence of peace within all people with the belief that peace can exist. Arguments of the past, arguments of injustice, arguments of anything at all while existing will cause the downfall of a nation. Anything other than complete and total solidarity within a nation will ever lead to success and prosperity. It is in the human spirit to thrive, to grow, to spread and to share the ideas and concepts that one holds dear but without peace and understanding of another human being on the most basic level of humanity we are nothing more than our predecessors that existed hundreds of thousands of years ago. Peace is the only possible outcome that can bring a country on the brink of social civil war back to sanity and back to prosperity, back to normalcy and back to eye contact with one another without fear of expression, fear of art, fear of love, fear of dignity. Fear is the antithesis of peace and anger is fear in physical form. Anger and peace cannot live in the same society, fear and peace cannot co-exist. A society of fear and a society of peace has never been a successful society. History is a cyclical beast that shows over and over again the same lessons to us whether we wish to see them or not. A look at our own history; one can determine that peace is the only revolution we need. A look at any country and any society in written history proves that peace is without a doubt the only possible solution. Until every person comes to that realization in our country, we will continue to live in dissatisfaction and disappointment. Let peace be your victor. Fight for peace. Nothing else.

C. Brooks

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