I feel like I should write something because I haven’t written anything in a while. Truth be told I’ve just been so overwhelmed with studying that I really haven’t even had the time to overthink about things that bother me enough to write about them. I mean, yes, I still overthink. All the time. That never really goes away but not to the extent that I feel the need to blog about it.


I have had a few pretty good days though. My niece celebrated her 12th birthday party so that was pretty cool. She for whatever reason has become obsessed with whales and got a pretty cool whale costume and will be one for Halloween. Very cool. lol Knock yourself out hun.

Same shit, different day when it comes to family. As much as I wish I could say the craziness that borders insanity in my family has died down, it hasn’t and probably never will. I have however learned a new strategy to deal with some of it. Keep. My. Mouth. Shut.

I read about it in several different highly rated psychology magazines and journals. Apparently, you don’t have to do anything at all in the mists of some batshit crazy situations in which you know you cannot win, help or achieve a different outcome in which you wish you could assist and that sometimes the best thing to do is just sit quietly and wait for it to pass. I have heard of such an odd and honestly what I feel would be a useless strategy but once I tried it I have to admit, it did seem to be…effective. In a car crash sort of way. For once I wasn’t actually in the crash and even better I didn’t jump into traffic and try to stop both vehicles from colliding. Amazing.

Sometimes, when the  building is burning down and the only person you can save is yourself, maybe you should run out of the building. I’ve noticed that there is a time and a place to help and there is a time and a place to stroke your ego. There is a fine line that separates the two. In the event that you cannot distinguish between that line, it may be worth it to take a step back and try to figure out who it is you’re actually helping. Over time, you may realize that it’s actually you being helped, vicariously through the lives of others.

I don’t think that’s the case all the time, or with all people but it’s something that crossed my mind recently and I think that for those of us who want to help and especially for those of who who want to make a career out of it, it’s important to put our egos aside and humble ourselves on occasion. It’s easy to think we are the smartest, brightest, or most experienced person in the room when in all reality, we are quite possibly the least experienced, the most infantile or the most vulnerable of all people and we only think we are the most capable due to our inadequacies. Ironic isn’t it.

Things that make you go hmm…I’ll let that resonate. I know I had to let it for a bit before I went “Ah, well shit.”

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