A Halleluiah and a FUCK YEAH

Heh Heh, so… I have been studying my ass off after my “spectacular” failure in my Statistical Methods of Psychology class here at UCF in sunny Orlando, FL. I mean, when I say study I mean STUDY. Every chance I’ve have between doing nothing and well, nothing other than pretending to be gay to get out of incredibly awkward situations with women in relationships I’ve tried to take a few moments to cram some sort of statistics down my throat. The quiz I took today was mostly based on theory and when I say quiz don’t take it lightly alright. The quizzes typically are more difficult than the actual exams even if they don’t count as much towards the final grade in the course. A bad grade on a quiz can jack your grade up just as bad as a bad exam grade.

I took the quiz and just about every person in the room…all 200+ students had just about left left before I turned mine in. I had a few minutes left to spare and I was feeling alright about it. I figured I’d maybe gotten a B- at best. I was expecting a C…I would totally be ok with a C.

But holy fuckin’ cow bell. I got a perfect 100%. Seriously. 100%. 25/25. The professor did curve the grade but only by 2 points meaning I could have gotten at the very worst a 23/25 or possibly a 24/25. There were 27 questions so it’s possible I missed a total of 4….none of this really matters lol

I did email her after the results were posted because I’m honestly still in disbelief. Yes I studied my ass off. Yes I probably deserve a 100. Yes, I sent a text to a bunch of people I studied with and they received similar grades so it’s unlikely there was an error in grading the quizzes but what the flying fuck!?! Hahahaha a 100!!! I mean I got a 35/100 on the last exam and thought my world was falling apart!

So, I’m sitting at the bar…yeah, don’t judge me ok. Tuesday, Thursday, f’ off. lol

I didn’t want to leave campus until I knew what my grade was and this was a great place to waste time.

Actually I had a few items I had to pick up at the Amazon pick up location and it was right next to it. I ordered a “Ask to Pet,” velcro patch that goes on my backpack…get it? lol and a flashlight stun gun since I can’t really carry my pistol with me on campus….ugh…seriously… you go through all the hassle and training to get a concealed carry permit and you give up your 2nd amendment rights because you’re a student. It’s pretty ridiculous. I think I’ll save that for another blog though. I actually have quite an issue with it but now really isn’t the time.

Quiz. Yes, quiz.

Anyways, what a relief. I can sleep now. Here’s what I wrote to my professor…after the “please double check and make sure you didn’t fuck up my grade,” email.

“””Dr. (redacted)

Apparently a lot of the people I studied with also did very well so let’s just go ahead and forget about that previous email. I’m going to celebrate!! And then sleep. I haven’t slept in days.

Please let your TA’s know how thankful I am for their help. They have been so incredibly patient with me as I have been in to see them at least 3-4 times a week since my “spectacular” failure on the first exam. Hopefully I will keep this momentum up next week for Lab Quiz 2, Exam 2 and for the rest of the semester.

Thank you so much as well! I really appreciate how you’ve managed the class after the hurricane.

Very much appreciated,

– Christopher Brooks”””

So that was it. I think it was good right? Let’s just hope it wasn’t an error and all will be well. Hope you all have as great as a night as I am.

C. Brooks

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