20 Million + New Caregivers Since 2016

I found this article and research study to be incredibly eye opening. I’ll post the article since it sums up the research quite well. Typically anytime I post something with research or statistics with it, I prefer to also publish the study so that if people like, they can examine it for themselves. Nobody likes non-referenced studies am I right? lol






One thought on “20 Million + New Caregivers Since 2016

  1. Alicia

    Since I tend to like info, facts, and figures, thanks for sharing this. I’m catching up on your blog after the crazy hell of the last couple weeks, so you may see a few comments from me. I also like how you cited the study. Because you’re right, it can make you wonder where authors of these articles get their info when you can’t find what it was based off of. I think you were being slightly sarcastic with that, as in, who the hell would be interested in the study part? But I’m one who likes to know where authors came up with the things they put out there, so it was pretty cool you did that.

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